Air Track

CNSUP is a manufacturing factory specializing in inflatable sports products.
You can customize any color or any size as you want, such as 6ft – 20ft(2m – 8m) long and pink, blue, red and so on air track mat. We have 7 years experience producing this inflatable gymnastic mats. and during the 7 years, service 100+ wholesaler and 10+ brand customers very well.

Inflatable Platfom

Our ability to produce air track mat

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Customers can customize any pattern and logo in any position. It also supports some changes in functions, crafts and materials.

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MOQ: 10

Whatever changes you need. Any OEM air track MOQ 10 pcs. Let the customer's entrepreneurship increase to a higher success rate.

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Flexible production

Each group can produce 300 pieces per day, and we have 3 teams. Most customer orders can be produced within 7 days.


3 years warranty

The goods in our warehouses support at least 3 years of quality assurance. You can safely protect your brand reputation.

Our air track mat innovation


Air valve exclusive patent

80% of non-artificially damaged air leakage of peer products (even all big brands) occurs in the air valve. Our exclusive technology of double seal structure and perfect vacuum silicon fat. Reduce the air leakage rate of the air valve from 6% to 0.01% during the 3-year service life.


Versatile and multipurpose

For different consumer groups, we have designed: Paddle Board for Beginners, Fishing Paddle Board, Fatstick Paddle Board, Women's Paddle Board, Kids/Small Paddle Board etc.Each design is tailor-made for consumers. Let our customers have better sales volume.

Air Track Products

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