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We are a factory shop. Shaoxing Lingdu Sports Co., Ltd. is committed to providing the excellent and affordable ice bath products and portable sauna around the world. We are looking for ice bath/sauna distributors all over the world.

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Why Choose CNSUP?

The predecessor of CNSUP is a foreign trade company that has been operating for several years in Zhejiang, China. We have multiple factories and head quartered in one of those. The main products we produced were inflatable products and PVC textiles, including sports paddle boards, water platforms, and air tracks. 

In 2023, we transform and enter the ice bath and sauna market. Thanks to our past experience, we were able to produce high-quality products soon after we started working on it. Although we entered later than others, we still successfully cooperated with some well-known brands in industry based on our excellent product quality and customer service.

At CNSUP, we only focus on three things:

  • Enhance products’ qualities

  • Solve customers’ problems

  • Create customers’ future

We know that we need to establish long-term cooperative and make win-win relationships with customers. Only with mutual achievements can the company go further. In other words mean——we make each other success.

We have a complete process of service. After customers put forward their needs, we are willing to provide feasible strategies based on their conditions. We are always available to provide customers with 1 on 1, 24-hour online customer service to help you solve various questions and after-sales issues.

If you are considering setting up your own business in the sports recovery field, build your own website, promote your own brand, together we will help you and overcome with that.

Portable Sauna

Shaoxing Lingdu Sports Co., Ltd. is committed to providing the most excellent sauna products around the world. 

Ice Bath Tub/Chiller

We have our own experienced ice bath product worker. They can make all kinds of charming, fashionable ice bath tub/chillers for our customers. 

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